Why Do You Need a Financial Advisor

Why Do You Need a Financial Advisor

A financial advisor is a person who gets hired for providing all kinds of financial advice to their clients. Their job is to provide their clients with professional and special advice on how their money should be managed.

Your hired financial advisor will do his or her research about the place or sector you want to invest or place your money in, and show you the most beneficial approaches towards them. Financial advisors use their knowledge and experience to make a personal plan for you on how and where to spend your money.

Besides all these, they are also responsible for checking on their clients regularly to get a general overview and inspection of their current situation and future financial plans.

Type of Financial Advisors


They are hired so that they fill the correct amount of tax in due time, and help you avoid audits. Accountants also look for deductions that you might have missed while checking. If the due time for paying taxes has passed, they file for extensions as well.

Insurance Agents

These agents inspect your financial status and your lifestyle. Based on that, they work out insurance needs and requirements for you.


They are mainly licensed advisors who buy and sell securities products, for example, stocks, bonds, and mutual funds, etc.

Financial Planners

Financial planners are hired to evaluate and analyze their client’s finances. They understand your financial health and then offer or make plans for you accordingly.

Investment Advisors

These advisors solely focus on helping you choose the best investment sector for your money. Their responsibility is to make sure it has the maximum safety and you get a good number of benefits.

Debt Counselor

Debt counselors are also known as credit counselors. They help you pay your debts by drawing out plans for you. These plans help you find out ways where you have a friendly budget and can pay for your debts and lifestyle simultaneously.

Money Coaches

This specific kind of financial advisors observes your lifestyle, your beliefs, and habits closely. Based on that, they suggest where you can spend and invest your money.

They teach you how to handle your finances in a better and skillful way. By understanding your financial goals, money coaches help you make decisions that align with your beliefs and lifestyle perfectly.

When Can You Need Financial Advisors


You have retired or are planning to retire, and you want to secure your finances and financial plans before you do so. At this point, if you seek help from a financial advisor, he or she will help you do that efficiently.

Other than that, the advisors will also help you layout further plans and financial maps if you require them to.


If you have recently inherited a huge amount of money, and are finding difficulties in deciding where and how to spend it, a financial advisor is a person you should go to.

They will let you know about all of your possible options, along with their benefits and drawbacks. This will help you have a clear image and you can decide better.


You got wedded in the near past, and now you and your partner want to have financial plans that involve the both of you. In this case, a financial advisor will tell you how you can do that.


Your partner and you split recently, and now you want to spend separately and want out of the plans that you had where both of you were involved. A financial planner will help you get out of your previous plans and help you to create new ones.

Old Age

Let us say your parents are getting old, and as a family you want someone else to help you manage the finances as your parents no longer want to. In this case, a financial advisor will come to great use for you and your family.

Depending on Your Comfort

There are a lot of people who are not a fan of investing and making financial plans. They are also not good at doing so, thus they seek help from professional advisors so that the whole process is a lot easier and hassle-free for you.

Oppositely, you can also be someone who enjoys investing and drawing out financial plans, but apparently, you want to improve and thus go for a second opinion on your plans and structures. In both of these cases, a financial advisor will come to use.


  1. You are opting for professional help, who are experts at providing suggestions and advice on your finances. In this way, you have a trustworthy source of opinions and it is reliable as well.
  2. Financial advisers know what they are doing, and they do their research thoroughly so that you do not have to worry or panic. Having financial advisors also open up the doors of more open discussions and second opinions on your thoughts and planning. All of these, together, give you a better perspective too.
  3. A lot of people have very deep, emotional attachments with their money. This connection or bond becomes a hurdle in the way of spending their money wisely. If you are one of them, seeking help from a financial advisor will benefit you as you would know what to do, without being clouded by emotions.
  4. In total, it gives you spare time and relief from the hassles and struggles of planning your finances. Making financial plans require a lot of attention and hard work as they can be very tricky and crucial. So, when you hire a financial advisor, you are free from all these worries and fears of messing up as well.


  1. The only disadvantage of hiring financial advisors is that sometimes the service is not worth the money you pay. It gets really expensive sometimes, and the advice is not at all helpful. So, in cases as such, the whole expenditure gets wasted.

Everything has its pros and cons, but it is up to you, your requirements, and your capabilities which decision you go for. If you, however, choose to hire a financial advisor, you should check our next article that will help you how you can choose one, and the things you should look for.

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