Firoz Alam

About Me

Hey there everyone! I am Firoz Alam, a financial advising expert. To begin with, here is a brief intro about myself in the professional sector. I offer over 20 years of experience in the financial sector to the companies making me a key asset to the company. I have worked in the banking sector for about 5 years and have hands-on experience in most of the functions of commercial banking operations. I have completed my master’s in business administration from the premier business school of the country, i.e., Institute of Business Administration, University of Dhaka, in the year 2003. I majored in Finance.

Soon after that, I joined one of the fastest-growing large local conglomerates in Bangladesh. And now, I am heading the finance department of Gemcon Group as I am designated with the title “Head of Finance.” I would say that my expert hands that have 2 decades of experience have got me this title.

My role as the Head of Finance of Gemcon Group is to manage the overall finance function of 10 SBUs of the Group having a debt portfolio of over 10 billion BDT.

Here are a few lines about the Gemcon group. Gemcon Group has a strong presence in Engineering (Manufacturing / Railroad Construction / Dredging / Gas line Construction / Civil Construction), Organics (Kazi & Kazi Tea), Retail Chain Super shop (Meena Bazar), Tertiary Education (University of Liberal Arts, Bangladesh), Seafood Processing (Gemini Seafood Ltd.), Jute Goods Manufacturing (Gem Jute Ltd.), Real Estate (Gemcon City Ltd.), Herbal Products Manufacturing (Organikare), Sweets Manufacturing (Meena Sweets), and Social Business (Kazi Shahid Foundation).

Being on both sides of the table equipped me with unique knowledge and expertise on the debt financing mechanism of Bangladesh. I provide strategic financial solutions for every need of the company and its shareholders. I provide services with a keen sense of ownership and the utmost attention to fairness and transparency.

If I have to talk about my strengths then I would say that A positive mental attitude is my biggest strength. I very much prefer a straightforward approach when it comes to settling things. I believe this gives a better outcome than stretching things. Fairness and integrity are two factors that are deeply rooted in my strengths.

Why this Career

I have often encountered this question during many interviews. The story behind this began right after my graduation when I joined the banking industry. I started working for a first-generation bank. I did love my work and also the excitement. However, deep down inside it didn’t feel right. It lacked a true passion for some reasons. I couldn’t convince myself that I am happy with it.

And then, after 5 whole years, I decided to quit the bank and joined Gemcon as the Manager-Finance at the end of 2008. A couple of months into Gemcon, it was then I discovered my true passion for that job. I love complex situations. It goes well with my problem-solving nature. I happily welcome newer sophisticated situations that help me to come up with more and more innovative solving tactics, sharpening my problem-solving skills. Just after four months of my joining, the then Head of Finance left Gemcon for pursuing his career elsewhere, and I was made the acting Head of Finance by the Board of Directors. Oh, what a time it was! It was like a corporate commando course that honed my expertise and knowledge and made me what I am today.

My plans for the future?

Well, the future is unpredictable and I am the kind of guy who likes to “go with the flow.” However, there are two sectors in Bangladesh that I have always dreamt of contributing to my skills and ideas. I would truly love to contribute to the development/growth of Bangladesh’s education and healthcare sector. I believe with my ideas and complex problem-solving skills, I can be a huge asset for the country in both these sectors. Additionally, I intend to work on human capital development and making our younger generation market-ready, and create job/work/business opportunities for every eligible citizen of the country. Contributing to the development of the country is something anyone should be proud of if contributed. And I hope someday, I will too.

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